As a result of the tests carried out, it is determined that there are connection problems with unsupported VNC protocol version.The versions listed below are not used with the noVNC program.

* 003.005

Devices known to use unsupported versions are listed below.

* LS(LG) Industrial Systems eXP60-TTA/DC (VNC protocol version `003.005`)

The VNC protocols listed below are supported in the noVNC program we have used.

* 003.003
* 003.006
* 003.889
* 003.007
* 003.008
* 004.000
* 004.001
* 005.000

To find out if the version you are using is supported or not, while connecting to your device, right click on the web page and enter the “View Page Source”. In the window that opens, enter the console tab. If the version is not supported, you will see the “Invalid server version xxx.yyy” error on the console as shown in the picture below.

If you have a device with a version that is not supported by noVNC, you can connect to your device by following the steps below;

* Go to the Sub Device list.
* Create an “OTHER” type record with the IP address and port of the device you want to connect to.
* Create a new connection with the “Connect” button.
* You can access your device by connecting to the created IP address and Port number with a VNC program of your choice.