How to Read Data from Yaskawa IO Modules

As shown above, it is possible to directly read IO Modules that support Modbus TCP communication without the aid of a PLC or similar device.

After the data is read, it can be recorded, analyzed and sent to the cloud.

  • SMX-RNS02
  • Yaskawa (VIPA) IO Module: Modbus TCP Remote IO Module
  • 24V Power Supply
  • Ethernet Cable (1m)
  • Arrange the power supply, SMX-RNS02 and Yaskawa modules on the rail as shown in the photo
  • Connect SMX-RNS02 (LAN1) and Yaskawa communication module with Ethernet cable
  • It is assumed that Yaskawa modules have been pre-installed (IP assignment etc …). If pre-installation is not done, please follow the relevant documents.
  • Make power connections of SMX-RNS02 and Yaskawa communication module (24V)
  • Energize the power supply
  • Open the Remote-IO application running on SMX-RNS02
    • You can enter the SMX-RNS02 device from the service port via cable, wireless accessory or remote connection.
    • Type in your browser and press Enter
    • Enter your username and password on the resulting page
  • You can refer to the related user documentation for the Remote IO detailed user manual.
  • You can follow the steps shown in the photos below in order.

Add Communication Module from Driver Page

Enter tag information from Tag Page

Check Driver & Tag statuses from Status Pages