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With the SMX-RNS02, you can remotely access Yaskawa drives, as well as all other devices, without any settings. The hardware used in this example is;

  • Simplinx SMX-RNS02
  • Yaskawa GA500
  • USB Cable
  • 24V Power Supply

For detailed information, please refer to the technical documents of the respective devices!

  • Wire the power connections carefully.
    • SMX-RNS02: 24V DC
    • Yaskawa GA500: 220V AC
  • Connect SMX-RNS02 and Yaskawa to each other by using the USB Cable
  • Provide internet to SMX-RNS02 device as you prefer
  • Energize the power supply and driver
  • SX-Client (
  • Yaskawa DriveWizard Industrial

Establish a remote connection with your device. After the remote connection is established, the ethernet and USB devices connected to your device will be listed as shown in the photo below. Make sure the Yaskawa USB connection is visible. smx-rns02-yaskawa01.jpg

Open the Yaskawa DriveWizard Industrial program. Create a new project or open your existing project. In the Drive Selection section, select the connection type as USB. Make sure you select the correct drive type. Test your connection. smx-rns02-yaskawa-03.jpg

Read back parameters. smx-rns02-yaskawa-04.jpg

Use Monitor & Trace functions smx-rns02-yaskawa-05.jpg